Thunder Bay – Friday

The tulips still look brand new. I guess if they don’t open because of the weather, they don’t age.

The roses at the workers memorial are pretty much done.

Trash day in Thunder Bay. I guess a little more trash laying on the streets is no big deal.  Trash cans should be mandatory.

Cardboard going in the trash or recycling?  The fact that its outside a business makes me believe this cardboard is going in the trash. Not really that green is it?

Water Street transit station.  Vodka.

Trash in context.

Trash in context.

Work on docks continuing.  Going in the water.

The first goose family I have seen this year.

Parents standing guard.

More Tree Swallow photos

We made eye contact.

Tree Swallow did not like crow sitting on the roof of its house.

Does it only have one leg?  This is the lone goose.

I’m guessing White-throated Sparrow

The MV Federal Danube anchored out in the harbour.

Common Grackle giving me that evil look.

Storage containers returning to Pool 6 for another season.

Female Red-winged Blackbird

We also made eye contact.

Empty beer can and empty Blackfly Vodka Cooler bottle. I have never been in a city with sooo many empty liquor, beer or wine containers laying around.

Pro photo shoot going on in Marina Park

The setup

Interesting cloud blanket over the Giant.

CCGS Limnos

Passing the MV Ojibway

MV Federal Saguenay on the left

MV Avonborg

Yellow Warbler

Groundhog home

Friday on the pedestrian overpass

Not sure what other Canadian city allows the consumption of alcohol in public… fact, in the City of Thunder Bay’s $71 million PLUS premier tourist destination.  Tourists will have lots to talk about when they get home.

Gettin’ some sugar…

You go girl. Just remember not to spit in a police officer’s face.

This tile has been loose for years. It was repaired once. That repair lasted all of a couple of weeks.  Why are the tiles at different elevations anyway?  The tiles left of the cone are lower that the tiles on the right of the cone.  Crappy design/construction work.

Strange cloud over Fort William

Thunder Bay – Grain and butts.   Add a shopping cart, a Tim Hortons cup and you have the city in a nutshell.

More crumbling infrastructure.

They pulled the pork twice?  Why?  Does that make it taste better?

If you are missing a blue crayon, its here.

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  1. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    Shouldn’t be so hard on the drinkers, it looks gender – balanced, which means it is fulfilling a modern social policy goal…quite progressive, actually….I remember when getting drunk in public was almost exclusively male…it’s obviously an unmistakable mark of progress….

    Small – point, should not only boats inside the breakwater be considered “in the harbour?”….

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