Thunder Bay – Friday

Trash cans should be mandatory in this city. I see this kind of thing, if not worse, every week.

Sigh…cycling on the sidewalk while drinking coffee.  You don’t get much more Thunder Bay “zero” than this.

A new sign.  Thing is that there is no construction going on.  Nothing.  Why not?  Why is the City of Thunder Bay not putting pressure on the contractor to get things going down there?

The fish cleaning station, the ONLY fish cleaning station in Marina Park, is not open?  People are unable to clean their fish?  Huh? Why is it not open?

What does Archie do when is customers catch fish?  Where does the successful fishing party go to clean their fish?  Is the fish cleaning station, the ONLY fish cleaning station in Marina Park, not part of the marina?  The marina was supposedly open on May 15.

Why was the requirement for the contractor to finish work around the fish cleaning station prior to May 15 not in the contract?   It would have been easy to write in there.

The fact that this was not done makes me believe that Marina Park is run by an incompetent.  A private sector marina could not be run like the City of Thunder Bay runs its marina and stay in business.

What’s left to do?  Sodding?  That’s it?

The high salaried residents of City Hall are sooo frustrating for small businesses to deal with because the high salaried residents of City Hall  just don’t care about small businesses. They don’t.  City Hall cares more about the contractors than the public affected by the work the contractor is doing.

Personally, I could think of more comfortable places to park my butt other than a parking lot.

Actually NOOOOO!!!!! There is no construction going on right now.  None. Why the sign?  Beats me.  These signs have been up since last fall.   You think anyone still pays attention to them?

I know.  I took a photo like this before but how can a person resist this?

Calcium chloride?  Is this area wet because the contractor spread some calcium chloride to control the dust?   The fact that the entire road that the trucks are using is covered with sand that produces a huge cloud of dust every time a truck drives on it does not seem to matter.  Only this small area is a dust problem?  Sigh….incompetents.

Trash in context.

Trash in context.  Its a brand new roll of tape.  Unused.  Why is it there?  Who the hell knows.  Pretty sure that beavers are not using the stuff.

Never seem to be more than a few steps away from an empty liquor/beer container.

Trash in context.

America Lady butterfly

Painted turtles

Tree Swallow ready to fly away

MV Ojibway

Trash in context. Kelly’s gutrot wine.

Trash in context. Smirnoff’s vodka.

Trash in context.  The two together.


Yellow Warbler

These feet have moved.

New dock for sailing club

Tree pollen

On a pedestrian crosswalk next to a “no parking” sign and nobody cares.

Hair?  Hair on the pedestrian overpass?

Person on the right is opening a one litre tetrapack of Kelly’s finest gutrot wine.

Is this not racist?  Does this not make fun of a major birth defect?  Conjoined twins?

Close. Almost made it into the trash can.

Trash in context.  People still drink 7-Up?

Is it trash?

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  1. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    send daily all these disgusting images of our city to the useless council and Mayor!! Maybe send to other city councils around Canada too, same ours abit.

  2. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    Maybe the wheelchair was used by someone, until they were miraculously cured, got up, and walked away, no longer needing it…That is one potential explanation…or perhaps they were beaten by vagrants for the pocket change they had, and when the ambulance came to take the victim to the hospital, they left the wheelchair behind… of those is more likely, in TB…

  3. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    Thunder Bay has I believe three times the number of police officers per 1,000 residents than Toronto, for example….I am pretty certain it is well above the Canadian average….one has to wonder exactly is going on, that they can’t ticket/warn people who are constantly violating the law….in the same location, day in day out..

    Some years ago, I noticed a car parked in front of my parents’ place. It had no licence plates, and my parents said it had been there for several days. My father was certain it was owned by a student that rented a basement apartment in a house across the street. It was also leaking oil..The student, had departed for home (Montreal) for the Summer.

    I said “get it towed.” My parents said no, they didn’t want trouble with the neighbor who had just bought the house. When my parent were otherwise occupied, I called the police, and they said it was a provincial law – a car cannot be on the street unlicensed…. They had a tow truck over in 30 – 40 minutes….My parents were not mad when they found out I called the police, they just did not want to do it…

    But it got me thinking…why do neighbourhoods of similar vintage in Southern Ontario look “classier” than the ones in Thunder Bay? One of the big reasons, I feel is that you can have a really nice landscaped property, and your neighbour will pave over his entire front yard, and store his snowmobiles, boats, and 5th wheel trailers out front…With any luck, you may get to see a lot of this machinery covered with nice screaming – orange plastic. And extra bonus, is when the fishing boat, or canoe is store upside down on saw – horses…..

    Guess what? All that is illegal as well. Both provincially and municipally (overlapping).

    But I suppose the TB police don’t want to be fining people who they invariably are only one of two links away from them, or someone they know…Heck, some of the police/fire families I grew up with stored all their boats etc., out front, and one ran a school bus maintenance business in a temporary plastic garage in their back yard (temporary as in 10+ years)….At night, you could see the whole thing glow from the light the welder generated…

    You can’t do that in Oakville or Mississauga, that is for sure….And Toronto? The city tears down garages that are 10 centemetres longer than the plans said they were supposed to be….Thunder Bay? You could probably run a toxic waste dump in a residential yard, no problem…

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