Thunder Bay – Friday

Just a few photos today. Beautiful day. I cut my grass.

Another example of why trash cans WITH LIDS! should be mandatory in this city.

Another Thunder Bay hero riding his bicycle on the street where it belongs.  In this case, its Water Street.  Notice the rider is not dead.

The CSL Welland heading out of port with a load of grain. According to, the ship is going to Montreal.

Some paving today down at the south end of Marina Park

Trash in context

Still laugh every time I see this valve.   Its not long for this world.

New dock on Pier 2

An ugly architectural mix on our waterfront.  No design standards that would provide a uniform look for building constructed in Marina Park.  What we now have is a dog’s breakfast of building designs with the condos, hotel, Water Garden Pavilion/Baggage Building (CPR Freight Office) and train station each looking completely different.  Not even close.

Would have been nice if the train station design was reflected in all of the other building designs….but its not.  Condos and hotel look cheap. Water Garden Pavilion/Baggage Building (CPR Freight Office) look strange.

Another Thunder Bay hero using the bike lane

Pride month

Must be cheap because I see these laying around.

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