Thunder Bay – Friday

Well, it is colourful. Does not improve the look of the neighbourhood though.  I still think it looks like crap.

Trash in context

Trash in a planter that should have flowers in it.

Trudeau promised this during the last election.  Now with another election on the horizon, he decides to keep this promise.  Not last year. Not the year before.  Nooo, the August before the October election.

Another example why trash cans WITH LIDS should be mandatory in Thunder Bay.

Going to fix this over the weekend?  I guess we will see.

Going to extend the concrete sidewalk? Not sure why the concrete sidewalk was not extended through this area in the first place.  We spent over $60 million back then.  How much more could this have cost?

Never seen this before.  Removing sod.  Sod installed, now removed.

I wonder who is paying for this?

New benches

Still looks like this.

Fluffy clouds.


Staring contest?

Orange Sulphur butterfly.


This is where the sod was removed.  Hydro-seeded.   Why was this not done in the first place?  You have to wonder just what is going on down there.

Yesterday, this was covered with sod.  Today its covered with hydro-seed.  It does look green. That is for sure.

This could have been done along here a month ago.

Hydro-seeded down here too.


Tadpoles in transition

Hydro-seed mixture in the water.  I wonder if it will affect these amphibians?

Some have legs already

For some reason, I can’t think that green stuff is good for frogs….but I could be wrong.

A Great Blue Heron would be eating like royalty in this pond.  Not sure how it would like that hydro-seed flavouring though.

One of the last blooms.


Black and white. For some reason, I like the black and white better.


Black and white

Recent attempts photographing bees in flight

Monarch butterfly

American Lady butterfly



Trash in context

Trash in context

Bring on the tourists.

After the fibre optic line put in.

Trash in context.  Penne pasta with tomato sauce

Follow the trail

The trail ends here

Trash in context

Trash in context

Trash in context

Getting ready for Festa Italiana Sunday and Monday


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