Thunder Bay – Friday

Another windy day. Tough to get any insect photos.

Drugs that I have never seen before. Someone left them here. Probably got them for free.  Likely can replace them for free.

I believe the Tea Horse tea shop has closed down. I guess being open only 16 hours on a good week does not a successful business make.

Button box is missing. Vandals? Thieves?

Its August now and the pedestrian crosswalk system is still not operational. What is taking so long?  Poles were installed last summer. Button boxes added late spring this year.

Not sure I would classify this work as high priority.

Replacing asphalt sidewalk installed as part of Phase One of Prince Arthur’s Landing project. with concrete sidewalk. Why asphalt was used instead of concrete back them is a mystery. Doing it this way cost more.

Still no paving taking place. Looks like more dust suppressant was sprayed on the gravel.

Part of an old Sony Playstation? I wonder what the frogs think of this trash?

Oh so close. Trash in context

Alternate view

More frogs in transition

MV Juno

MV Federal Kivalina

MV Jamno

Not sure what happened here

Trash in context

The SV En-Dro from St Nazaire, France.



Looks like the wooden poles on Pier 3 are going to be replaced.

Trash in context. A sock.

Trash in context. A pair of black socks.

Trash in context. Activia yogurt container.

Brew-Ha going on tonight and tomorrow



Trash in context

Trash in context

Trash in context. Ensure can.

Trash in context


Cold milling machine for milling asphalt.  I wonder where it is going to be used?

Trash in context

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