Thunder Bay – Friday

Looks like paper straws have arrived on the city’s litter scene.


Its a hat

Tried to take as many photos of the fall colours that Marina Park has to offer.  Not a whole lot. Figure that the next strong wind will remove most of the leaves from the trees.

MV Drawsko

MV Federal Beaufort

MV Federal Churchill

MV Algoma Strongfield

MV Federal Beaufort is moving into Thunder Bay Terminals.

MV CSL Welland

The MV Algoma Discovery leaving the drydock

Looks like the grinding of the raised edges of this concrete slab is complete.  I wonder who tripped over it last Saturday?  What I do know is that the tripping hazard has been there for many years. City of Thunder Bay did nothing.   I tripped over it myself twice.

It was obvious. City of Thunder Bay Park vehicles have parked next to it hundreds of times.  Nobody noticed?

Leased Lot #3 so far.  Poured some concrete today.  Looks like they are preparing for more.  Its definitely not going to be a building. Looks like the private developer has given up on Prince Arthur’s Landing.  How much longer until they walk away from the trains station lease?

Nothing happening with this building.  I suspect that the developer has given up trying to lease any space here as well.

The developers got what they wanted. Waterfront property, fully serviced…dirt cheap. PLUS work for the construction company they own on Phase 1 of Prince Arthur’s Landing as well.

Pedestrian overpass today.

Alcoholic beverage of the day?  Olde English 800 Malt Liquor. 1.18 litre bottle.

Replacing the roof on Magnus Theatre.

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