Thunder Bay – Friday

Pouring rain…not a lot of photos today but I did take some.

I wonder if someone bought this pUmpkin just to smash or was it stolen?

The small area of bush at the south end of the boat launch parking lot is still off limits for the public.

Something is in there that the police want to protect.  Part of some investigation.

update:  6 pm Human appendage found in Marina Park

The area .

When it rains in Thunder Bay, we become the City of Rainbows. ( sorry Prince Rupert)

Leased Lot #3 so far.

Hooded Mergansers are having a bad hair day due to the wind.

The white cap is off of a mouthwash bottle.  No sign of the bottle itself.

MV Isolda

MV Federal Kivalina

I wonder how hard the private developers are trying to rent out space in the train station? Could be something in the lease agreement that states that if nobody is willing to rent space, the the developer can walk away from the lease. Right now, the lease is for 60? years?  In that ballpark anyway.  That is a long time for the building to remain empty.

I would be nice to see it open to the public next summer.

Yes, Kelly’s finest rotgut wine is on the scene.  One litre container being passed between two wine connoisseurs while a second container is sitting on the window sill.  Who knows what else is being consumed there?  Who in their right mind would walk through there?

Might be time to get that section of sidewalk completed before winter.  Its been like this for a month? More?

Wheel rutting on Algoma Street.  The wheel ruts next to the curb are caused by transit buses.  The ruts fill with water.  When a bus drives passes by any pedestrian walking on the sidewalk, the pedestrian is treated to an unwanted shower. Hurrah!

Another example of what poor compaction practices during construction can do.  The City of Thunder Bay appears to have zero requirement when it comes to compaction of materials when constructing anything in this city.  And when the contractor does make some sort of effort to compact anything, the material being compacted is dry.  You cannot compact dry earth, or sand or granular.  Its no different than trying to make a snowball out of dry snow. The snow has to be damp in order to make snowballs or snowpeople.


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