Thunder Bay – Friday

City of Thunder Bay removing benches on boulevards? I guess all of the damage caused to benches last winter during snow removal made our high salaried residents of City Hall think this to be a prudent exercise.  That or someone stole the bench.  Could be that as well. It is Thunder Bay after all.

Ice is forming.  Lots of interesting patterns.

Memories of summer

MV Federal Dart

MV Federal Champlain

Yes, the Blue Morph Snow Geese are still hanging around.

The darker goose could be older than than the other two. Its larger.

I saw the gulls scatter. Sure sign of a predator.  Sure enough, there was an eagle flying around.

Mallards still hanging around.  I guess they are resting up for the next leg of their trip south.

Same goes for Canada Geese.

Interesting clouds today

McVicar Creek.

I now know what this rubber strip is used for.

Went back and took another shot at the falls.

Three carts in one photo.

Trash in context

I was wondering if the lookout was complete yet.  I noticed these red panels.

Personally. I think they are ugly.  

Poppies. This is the 100th anniversary of the first Poppy Day held in the US by Anna Guérin.  The Commonwealth followed in 1921 after Ms. Guérin spoke in Port Arthur, Ontario.


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