Thunder Bay – Friday

The sand dispensed by the City of Thunder Bay on ice covered sidewalks is almost nonexistent.

You would almost think that the workers were paying for the sand out of their own pockets. Come on…Ice on sidewalks is extremely dangerous.  Streets get coated in the stuff.  Pedestrians are on the bottom of the food chain in this city.

This cycling asshole almost hit me. There are blind corners on sidewalks.  Corners where sidewalks run right along two sides of a building.  People on either sidewalk cannot see anyone approaching on the other.  If a cycling asshole is speeding along on a sidewalk and someone steps out from around the building’s corner, the cyclist will mow down the pedestrian.  That is what almost happened to me.  Two steps from a collision that I was going to lose.

Soooo close.

Possible Christmas card photo

Sidewalk gets converted from asphalt to concrete.  Not cleared of snow all winter.  Why have a sidewalk there then?

There is a sidewalk under that snow.  Why not run a plow down it?  I am pretty sure that this sidewalk is the responsibility of the city’s Road Division as this is a street.  Sooo, why is nobody clearing the snow from it?

City owned parking lot not cleared of snow.

Interesting cloud formation today

Black and white


How are the roses doing?

Took a few photos with that cloud formation.

MV Federal Baltic

Black and white


First winter that I can remember where the Pier 1 parking lot has been plowed.  I figure the hotel plowed it to use during the winter.  I can’t think of any other reason.

Black and white


Not sure what was going on here.

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3 Responses

  1. MJ Green
    MJ Green at | | Reply

    Why play the victim?
    Have you never played hockey or football?
    If a cyclist is baring down on you, throw a block.
    A cyclist is very easily toppled, and it’s on a sidewalk, so automatically their fault.
    It’s a simple law of physics, all idiots in motion, tend to fall harder, the stupider they are.

  2. fine, just me
    fine, just me at | | Reply

    what about the E bike idiots riding between snowbanks and cars?! If this keeps up one will be hit shortly. They need to be banned from Nov.1 to end of April! Two words for you, ice creepers..they are great…

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