Thunder Bay – Friday

See any recyclable material in that pile?  Does not matter as it all will be going to the landfill site.  City of Thunder Bay workers will be loading all of this into a garbage truck.  Makes me wonder why I bother recycling anything myself.


MV Irma

MV Wigeon

Bald eagle.  It was pretty far away so this is the best I can do.

MV Fearless

Female Bufflehead duck.

Tundra swan is still hanging around

Some Canada Geese friends

MV Algoma Harvester still anchored out in the bay.

MV Frontenac firing up its engines

Heading out into the bay.

MV Algoma Strongfield

Rink opens Sunday

Why I no longer walk through the pedestrian overpass

Why was this left here?

I figure the person eating this apple did not pay for it.  If you pay a dollar or so for an apple, you are going to eat all of it….except for the core.  Half of the apple is still there.

Looks like wine in that cup

Strike for Climate Change produced a sparse crowd.  Few students.

Most everything there was probably made in China.  Shipped across the ocean.  Trucked to Thunder Bay.

It was also funny to watch a lot of people attending the event crawl into their vehicles and drive away when the meeting was over.

As I said before, Climate Change is real.  No argument there.  What I believe has not yet been established is exactly how much is caused by humans and how much of it is a natural process that has happened before and will happen again.

We need to clean up our planet.  We need clean air, clean water and clean land in order to survive.  THAT is something everyone should get behind whether you believe in Climate Change or not.

If humans are not the cause of Climate Change and the process will continue no matter what we do, which is what I believe, then we must plan for the worst.  Figure out how to grow food on a cold planet.  If we don’t, we are screwed.

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