Thunder Bay – Friday

First summer without the Hoito.  Feels strange already.

Why are plague virus cases still headline worthy?  You would think that after 6 months, people would not be surprised to see someone getting infected.  News? Sure. Belongs on the front page? OK.  Headline? Not really.

Train was moving PLUS vehicles were driving on Water Street so photos of railcar graffiti are not the best. Still, you get a good idea of what the graffiti looks like.

City litterers are getting their Vitamin C.

Frogs and turtles live in this soup.

CJ trash makes it into the park.

Trash in context.

Duck doing yoga.

Female Red-wing Blackbird sure gets upset with me every day.  I can only imagine what she is saying.

MV Spruceglen and MV Blair McKeil

MV Johanna G

MV Lake Ontario

MV Erieborg

MV Najda

Yes, I know. I have photographed Irises before. Soon they will be gone sooo I want to enjoy them while they are still around.

Somehow this sign just does not fit in a city park.

Needs toilet facilities

Another Daisy phot.

Another dandelion photo.

Another water drops on a feather photo.

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