Thunder Bay – Friday

If the government wants to make a dent in single use plastic in the environment, then blue bags a trash bags would be a good place to start.

Stolen? I believe that if a person were to purchase something, there is no way they would leave it laying around.

Single use plastic product?

Packaging would be another area where governments can make a difference environmentally.

Cans are supposedly recyclable but I see them laying all over the city.  Maybe a larger deposit on cans and bottles, including plastic bottles?

Forty cent deposit on liquor bottles but that is not enough of an incentive for some people to bring the bottle back for a refund.

Still flowers blooming out there.

Whats the story with the brown pigeon?

MV Vectis Eagle

Bees were livelier today.

Hooded Merganser

Still lots of colour but its disappearing fast. One good windy day and it all will be gone.

Trash in context

Looks like a homestead site.  Yellow bag on the scene.

Yellow bags will be banned soon.  What then?  Reusable bags?  Hahahaha.

Any Leaf fans out there?

Another single use plastic item that will be banned.

I thought the last of Clematis blooms had been and gone but I was wrong.

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