Thunder Bay – Friday

Looking for colour

Emperor Doug put an end to what little hope local restaurants had on getting patios open this month

Want colour? Check out a dump site.

Cost almost half a million dollars. At the very least, the thing should work. The talking stopped over a year ago,

Discarded food item with a view. Likely from a yellow bag. Free apples are not popular. Had the person paid for it, I am sure it would not be laying on the ground now.

First one of these I have seen laying around.

Line-up at a bakery?

Yellow bag trash

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  1. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    if the local restaurants owners couldn’t read the rising numbers posted daily and they bought tons of food thinking they would be open from now’s their own fault…a blind man could see lockdown again…give your over ordered food to the shelters and smarten up next! Many smart owners have never switched back and forth …they stayed pickup/delv only and they are doing great…wake up guys….learn!

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