Thunder Bay – Friday

Bald Eagles. Five of them.

This one flew away.

Four of them left hanging around on the ice

Needed to get out on the ice too.  Must be wondering what I dind sooo interesting out there.

Nothing really interesting.

These guys really love peanuts.

Walked through the new section of road being constructed at the south end of Marina Park.

Not sure what this is.  It was running.  Heater?

Hoses going into manhole.

MV Federal Shimanto

MV Federal Katsura

Ice is breaking up along shoreline

MV Saginaw leaving port

Installing a new concrete light base along the Pier 3 parking lot.

Cutting a piece off of the concrete base that is being installed

Always freezes in this arc pattern

The place wreaks. Fecal material?

Rasberry liqueur. 15% alc/vol.

Can’t skate on this now.

Ice is disappearing.  Hard to believe that Christmas is only 10 fays away.

An empty Pepsi can enjoying a leisurely afternoon in the park.

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