Thunder Bay – Friday – First Day Of November

I guess its nobody’s job to clean these things up.  Not City of Thunder Bay parks people?

MV Jamno still anchored out there.

Mallards just passing through


MV Federal Caribou still at Thunder Bay Terminals

Looks like a female Goldeneye. Reflections are nice.

The Snow Geese Blue Morphs still hanging around

Looks like this is almost finished.  Planting trees.

I wonder as to whose job its going to be to clean the barbecues?   Going to have hot coals sitting there with kids running around?

No handicapped access to the new green space.

Hooded Mergansers

Once again, reflections are nice.

Loiterers loitering in the pedestrian overpass.  Luckily, I know longer walk through there.

Trash in context.

Another pile of drug injection paraphernalia laying around. That is two I have seen just this week.

Looks like some discarded food.  Baked potatoes?  Burgers?  Something with cheese.  Someone just dumped it. Did not eat it.

Work continues on the Lyceum building.,

You don’t have to paint the lines. Just outline them with spray paint. Good enough for this city.

Catchbasin work has commenced.  At least the westbound lane was not closed.

Might try and get a snowflake photo this year.  Have to wait for some bigger flakes.

Not sure what this is. A green M&M?

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