Thunder Bay – Friday – Last Full Day of Fall

Missing parking meters.  I mentioned this phenomenon in a previous post.  Turns out that thieves have been busy.  I would think that something that cost $800 and is full of money would be impossible for thieves to remove.

Turns out that removal is not that difficult.  Some people figured out how to do it.

Lunch or dinner?

Icebreaking tug USCGC Neah Bay.  The US Coast Guard is a branch of their Department of Homeland Security. ( has the name of the vessel is USGC Sturgeon Bay)

MV Fearless and MV Federal Alster

I like the look of the ice.

Like a puzzle or a mosaic.

Why I no longer use the pedestrian overpass.

Remember Remembrance Day?

Another lunch or dinner.  Pizza and coffee.

More stolen meters.  The thieves hit the areas where parking meters are used regularly.  More chance to have money in them.

Neighbourhood rinks now open.  Hope they survive the weekend.

Cheap walker.  How cheap? Free.

Not sure what this is.  The pink paper is from the Thunder Bay Public Library…an admitted systemic racist city department.

MV Radcliife R. Latimer

MV Maccoa

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  1. Dave
    Dave at | | Reply

    I imagine the LCBO is anticipating a windfall in parking meter change?

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