Thunder Bay – Friday – Stick A Fork In July…Its Done!

Could have done this back in March and maybe kept restaurants and cafes open longer.  The fact that we went from fully open to fully closed without trying something in-between was a wasted opportunity.  Its possible that no restaurants, cafes or shops had to close if masks, reduced capacity, social distancing and hand washing were given a chance.

Times of no fun is right.  Governments and media have everyone terrified.  That was their goal at the beginning to get everyone to follow health officials directions.  The fact that the government and health officials lied to the public about the effectiveness of masks back in March and is now doing the exact opposite is not helping matters.

How do you un-terrify an entire population?  The answer is that you can’t.

You would think that people would be grateful to get free food. You would also think that, in order to show that gratitude, people receiving the free food would put their trash in trash cans.  Of course, in Thunder Bay, that is too much to ask.

Ahhh…something different. A Greater Yellowleg?

Redwing Blackbird screaming at me.

A fork in the road

MV Spruceglen

MV Cape

MV Federal Sakura

MV Federal Montreal

MV Tundra

You have a large yacht if it has room for a garden.

Canadian Navy out showing the flag

The Giant is a little ‘lightheaded’.  Get it?  Lighthouse in the head?

Something interesting is going to happen.  Rescue divers jumping out of the plane.  The plane circled around for a bit.

Then there was this guy

Anyway, the plane continued to circle

and then it happened.

There were to jumpers.  One in orange that landed on the shore and one in black that landed in the water.

He was spiraling down.

This jumper is coming for a landing…on the grass

This one is headed for the water

Meanwhile, the plane continues to circle overhead

Here comes the navy

Pulling the chute onto the craft

Now to get the diver on board

Diver is now onboard.

Not delivered..yet?

Big Pharma is on the scene.

Bet they use MERCK products inside

More ungrateful assholes

A lone boot

PPE trash

Festa 2020 is going to be different

I liked the colourful trash inside. Could have thrown it into a trash can which was 4 metres away but you know…

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  1. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    yup. blame Justeen and Paddy …the dynamic dunderheads…and their side kicker Tam….

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