Thunder Bay – Friday – Trash Edition

Lots of trash today…

Sigh…is this as good as it gets?  And the sign….

and this is still not finished

Yellow bag trash in context.  As I stated before,  I would think that people who are receiving free food thanks to the people of Thunder Bay could show some gratitude by putting their trash in proper trash containers. But they don’t.

Trash in context. Tim Horton’s cup…what are the odds?

Pretty good odds actually.  I should do a day where I just take photos of Tim Horton’s cups laying around the city.

Trash in context

Orange Sulphur butterfly

Trash in context

Ministry of Environment Ontario boat Chris Jackson.

New paint job

Trash in context

More yellow bag trash left by ungrateful assholes

Thanks for the food Thunder Bay

More trash in context

Lots of it….yellow bag trash as well

more trash in context

even more trash in context

more yellow bag trash

trash in context

Trash in context

more trash


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  1. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    you need to run for city Mayor…with your finger on the pulse of tbay…do a great job.

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