Thunder Bay – Friday – Two Weeks Until Christmas

Good to see people are getting some Vitamin C.  Works better if you actually eat the orange though,

I have noticed that trash attracts trash. The Nature Valley pack was all alone only a couple of days ago. Now it is joined by a take-out tray.

Might make a good Christmas card.

The things you see laying around. Looks like a portable stereo?

Not sure what the relevance of this number is.  Maybe someone out there that is into numerology could enlighten us.

The shopping cart is icing on the cake.

It got cold enough to freeze some of the puddles created by the rain. Lots of ice shots today.

Daily mask photo

Update on the cup that fell off of the sign.  It has not moved.

Snow on the Giant

Trash in context

Trash in context.

The sun might make an appearance today.

Dismantling the crane.

Apple Chipotle is another restaurant that has gone to take-out only.  Nook, The Red Lion (I was told), Rooster’s  and The Beacon seem to be open.

“Together we travel on beautiful walks..”  Hopefully they take ‘The Jab’ or they won’t be allowed to go anywhere. That is life in New Ontario.



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