Thunder Bay – Giant Pots of Algoma

The flowers have been planted into the giant flower pots located on Algoma Street between Bay Street and John Street.

There are four pots in total.  A pair is located at the Bay Street end.  Two at the intersection with Cornwall Street.  What is confusing is that the Cornwall Street pots are not paired. They are located kitty-corner from each other.  Next to bus stops to be exact.

This gives the pot installation, and the whole street for that matter, an unbalanced feel. The orange barriers are still in place.


Bay Street end
One corner of the Algoma and Cornwall Intersection
The other opposite corner of the Algoma and Cornwall intersection
Why not here?
Why not here?
Not a pair
Not a pair

Its bad enough that the pots are grey in colour  and not level.  Why only four?  Why noy six?  We can’t afford two more?

And what of the orange barriers? Are they permanent?  Will four be removed, leaving two?  I just do not understand….again.

This is supposed to be a showpiece,  pedestrian friendly, tourist attracting project.  Why is it so disappointing?  We are nickel and dimeing our community to death.

This is the place that money should be spent.  This would be an investment in the neighbourhood.  Making things look nice. Sigh….

Is it just a coincidence that the one of the pair of giant flower pots at the Bay Street end is located in front of a business that I believe to be owned by a member of City Council?


Something smells here and it isn’t the flowers.

This whole project has been mishandled right from the start.  Value for money?  No.  no way.

City of Thunder Bay MATSON DARRELL General Manager – Infrastructure & Operations $166,025.27 $1,150.92
City of Thunder Bay MAURO PASQUALE Manager – Engineering $111,651.97 $774.24
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