Thunder Bay – Broken Fences, National Television And Climate Change

Family Fun Day ramps up to Hometown Hockey

Sunday was the first Winter Family Fun Day of the season at Prince Arthur’s Landing but you could have called it the pre-game show.

Young people dressed in their skates and hockey jerseys smiled and waved for a drone video that will be played on Jan. 3, 2016 when Rogers Hometown Hockey hits Thunder Bay’s waterfront.

The ice rink was flooded with skaters and the energy around playing host to the broadcast is ramping up. Tbnewswatch

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Might have been nice if the City of Thunder Bay either repaired the plastic fence separating the parking lot and fountain/rink area or removed it.  The orange fence can be seen in the background of the  Tbnewswatch photo accompanying the above article.

My photos of fence taken Sunday morning show the fence in disrepair….

P1130528 P1130529 P1130530

Apparently, people do not enjoy having a barrier between the parking lot and the fountain/rink area.

All those years of frustration of having to walk around the chain-link fence to reach the fountain/rink when a simple gate would have been soooo convenient has resulted in a stampede of humanity over the pathetically insufficient plastic fence.

chain-link fence that was in place for years

A gate through the fence. So simple. So obvious. So not done. So typical of City Hall.

Another question I have is just how environmentally friendly is a plastic fence?  How does the use of this product all over the city address the climate change crisis?

Like I have said before, everyone (especially the politicians in Paris a few weeks ago)  talks about the impending doom that humanity is facing if that issue is not addressed but nobody wants to do anything about it.  Nobody.


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