Thunder Bay – Great West Timber

Took a walk down to Great West Timber yesterday. As you can see, the remains of the fire is still smoldering.

DSC06200 DSC06203


DSC06211 DSC06217

What I did notice is that most of the site remained untouched by the fire.  Still a post apocalyptic wasteland. Valuable waterfront property going to waste.

Security is non-existent.  Anyone can go in and out of the site at will and many people do.  There is plenty of signs that people use the area as a hangout on a regular basis.  Might have had something to do with the start of the fire?

Pool 2…beware!  There are also many people accessing that site as well.







DSC06127 DSC06131



Why does the Thunder Bay allow derelict properties in the city to just waste away?  I walk passed a half a dozen such buildings and lots everyday.  They look like shit and makes the city look like shit.

The City of Thunder Bay needs to get tough with property owners with a “use it or lose it” policy.  Use their properties or the City will take it and give it to someone who will.

There are many young entrepreneurs who are shut-out of the property game because of obscenely high prices.  Many times, property speculators will sit on properties hoping values will increase so they can sell, pocketing a nice profit.

This does not benefit the city at all.  There are dozens of empty lots and derelict building in the city that are not being used.

DSC03619 DSC03621 DSC03624 DSC03626

DSC03218 DSC03220

Look at the Lyceum building.  Had the City of Thunder Bay stepped in earlier, that building could have been put to use by the public years ago…before it became a disaster area.  Same for the Joseph Graham City Livery .

The mayor keeps talking about the city having to move forward.  Maybe dealing with these urban eyesores and turning them into productive members of the community is a good start.

And I don’t mean selling these properties off to City Hall’s moneyed supporters.  These are the speculators that will simply flip the property. They are parasites.

I mean, getting them into the hands people who are being shut-out of the real estate game.  The young.

Put out some RSPs and use the properties to help people move forward.  Help the city.

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