Thunder Bay – Had To Happen Sooner Or Later

Delta Marriott Thunder Bay hit by over $9M in construction liens

Jeff Walters · CBC News · 

Thunder Bay’s Delta Marriott hotel has seven construction liens registered against it, just two months after it officially opened to the public.

The largest, registered by BNL Marina Developments Inc., the general contractor, is for $9,102,844.  Six other liens are much smaller, and are from subcontractors.

They are:

  • $654,460 to Keating Insulation Inc.
  • $549,981 to North West Electric
  • $446,0954 to West Four Group of Companies Inc.
  • $423,210 to M.F. Jones Acoustics
  • $160,680 to Lakehead Ironworks Inc.
  • $160,150 to Northern Sheet Metal and Contracting Inc.

All of the contractors noted in their filings they were hired by BNL Marina Developments Inc. to supply and install different materials.

The total value of the contract with BNL Marina Developments Inc., is $26,064,256.

The hotel was originally slated to open in 2016, but did not officially open until May 2019.

The documents show the owners of the building itself are T.B. Properties L.P. and a numbered company, 1876030 Ontario Inc, which is registered to an address in Winnipeg. It’s the same address as the ReSolve Group, the developer of Prince Arthur’s Landing.

There is also a Caution – Land registered since May 14, 2019 for $2 to T.B. Properties LP from Hillmount Capital Inc. The latter firm is a Toronto-based lending firm. A caution registered on the property means there is another party, other than the actual property owner, who has an interest in the land. A caution is placed on the land before the property is actually registered.

This is not the first time the waterfront hotel has run into issues regarding payment. In 2015, the hotel was hit with $1.4M in construction liens from the previous general contractor, ManShield Construction.

Those liens have since been discharged, along with 10 others. Many of those liens are with building supply companies and other smaller general contractors.

The condominium buildings at Prince Arthur’s Landing, also built by the ReSolve Group, were also subject to a number of liens, which have since been discharged.

Neither the ReSolve Group, nor its principal Gisele MacDonald, could be reached for comment. – CBC News

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  Hahahahahahaha, $11 million lien on the      4 star? Delta by Marriott hotel

I’m sure that had CBC reached Gisele for comment, she would have said this is a normal development.  Happens all the time. Nothing to see here.

$11 million in construction liens makes you wonder if the developer paid the contractor’s anything at all.  Where will the developer get $11 million?  Will the developer negotiate that dollar value down?  Will there be a bankruptcy?  Will The BDC loan the developer even more money? This will be interesting.

I am sure that the Marriott Hotel Group is very pleased with this development.  After all, it happens all the time, right?

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