Thunder Bay – High Tech Camera System – Addendum

An addendum to yesterday’s post about the surveillance camera  system that the City of Thunder Bay is considering installing.

I mentioned the “Eye on the Street” that was/is supposedly operating in the downtown cores.  I managed to find a sign.  Signs such as this one were placed around the north core and, I assume the south core, notifying people of the existence of “Video Surveillance Area”.  Monitoring is for safety and security purposes only…..

Has anyone ever heard about this system actually doing some good?  Did it provide any safety and security?  I know it nothing to stop vandals from breaking things just as the cameras in the pedestrian overpass did nothing to prevent the public drinking and vandalism in that facility.

Is the “Eye on the Street” still operational?  Was it ever operational?

I maintain that these systems do nothing to prevent violence and crime.  They only help…maybe… solve a crime after it was committed.   They only help…maybe…explain how someone fell into a river and drown.

The UK is one of the most CCTV covered country on earth.  Criminal activity still takes place.

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