Thunder Bay – If The Media Say So, Then It Must Be True

IceCaps leaving Newfoundland for Thunder Bay -
article here

WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Jets are exploring a move of their AHL farm team from St. John’s, N.L., to Thunder Bay, Ont., after a deal was announced to build a new $106-million “event centre” in the Lake Superior community.

Apparently a deal has been announced to build the  $106 million event centre.  Rogers Sportsnet says so.  Must be true.

I wonder if Queens Park and Ottawa know about this?  They now owe us $35 million apiece. We take cash and cheques (with photo ID).

Now that this has gone national…maybe international, Thunder Bay is going to look pretty fucking stupid if we don’t build something so something will be built.   I don’t doubt if that is exactly what was supposed to happen.  Create an unstoppable momentum in favour of the project by feeding  the media bits and pieces of misinformation. Manufacturing consent?  Is the media being used here?  I believe so.

The question now is how much will it cost?  How much is Thunder Bay willing to spend to make rich people  richer?

I’m guessing something closer to $50 million with Thunder Bay picking up most if not all of the tab.  Lucky us.


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