Thunder Bay – If You’re Dreaming, Then Dream Big

Outdoor waterslides among Chippewa Park visions

An outdoor waterslide park is among ideas under consideration for the future of Chippewa Park.

The friends of Chippewa Park launched a survey on Friday to accompany its visioning exercise and seek public input.

The survey asks for impressions of the existing wildlife exhibit and the carousel but it also proposes re-purposing part of the park to construct a water park on the edge of Lake Superior.

Friends of Chippewa board of directors president Lorraine Lortie-Krawczuk.said amusement rides and nature have always co-existed on the site and while its feasibility would depend on cost, a water park would modernize the attraction.

“It’s about bringing a different part of the population out,” she said. – Tbnewswatch

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Trying to create the best park Queens Park money can buy… why worry about cost?  You think that the proposed $33 million PLUS (at least $40 million taxpayer dollars) waterfront art gallery cared about cost?  Do you think the $120 million PLUS hockey rink cared about cost? Do you think that the $65 million PLUS City of Thunder Bay premier tourist destination (Prince Arthur’s Landing) cared about cost?

When the majority of the cash is coming from Queens Park and Ottawa, the sky’s the limit when costs are concerned.

Maybe a domed water park with direct light rail service from half a dozen locations around the city?  Everything solar powered?  An IMAX theatre and aquarium? Dream big.


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