Thunder Bay – Immigration Pilot Looks To Create Sustainable Workforce

Immigration Pilot looks to create sustainable workforce in city

It is estimated that the city of Thunder Bay will require between 360 and 1,800 new people per year to maintain a sustainable population and workforce.

A pilot project that began late last year is looking to make attracting and keeping new workers in the region easier for employers.

“I think employers were really happy to hear this program exists and there will be a lot of support for them going through it,” said Emily Lauzon, workforce development officer with the Community Economic Development Commission. “It is a different type of stream that they haven’t used before with lots of supports in place.”

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot was launched on Nov. 1, 2019 and there are currently 25 local employers registered to participate. On Tuesday, Lauzon met with employers to provide insights into how the program works and how they can benefit. – tbnewswatch

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This pilot project seems to be at odds with a previous pilot project canceled by the Ford Government. Remember the Basic Income Pilot Project?  If there are that many jobs available, then I would think that such a project is not required.

Everyday, I see a lot of young able-bodied people that seem to have nothing to do.  Many ask me for spare change.  Are these people not able to work?  To be trained?

If there is such a shortage of skilled labour in Thunder Bay, Ontario and Canada, then our education system has failed the taxpayers of this country.

Why is our highly-touted education system unable to produce skilled labourers?  Maybe the hard-done-by teachers can answer that question?  Why is our system producing a highly educated but unskilled labour force?  Is their job not to produce this country’s workforce?  If its not, then maybe the teachers can enlighten us what it is they actually do?

Its disgusting that with a ever-growing population of people financially dependent on the generosity of government social programs, the only solution our high salaried residents of City Hall, Queens Park and Parliament Hill is to import workers.

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  1. bafflegab
    bafflegab at | | Reply

    If Emily Lauzon a workforce development officer with the CEDC thinks 25 registered businesses for the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot is a lot of support she must be blonde. There are currently over 600 “registered” business with the chamber in TBay. When you see an official touting how employers will benefit from a program that attracts and hires immigrants it usually means low wages, no benefits and part time work. Great for business. Not so great for the sheep. Highly skilled intelligent immigrants would have little need for such a program. Just another waste of our taxpayer dollars which funds the Thunder Bay CEDC and also a way to justify her position within the organization.

    If Thunder Bay needs 360 to 1800 new people per year just to “maintain a sustainable population and workforce” as the CEDC claims then City Hall has seriously, SERIOUSLY dropped the ball. I believe it’s more of a scare tactic to justify more funding. Just say no.

  2. Arthur F
    Arthur F at | | Reply

    I like immigrants, we need fresh blood, Murder Bay broads is uber fugly.

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