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Must be an election year budget.  I have never seen so many councilors wanting to make cuts.  They are all trying to get face time in the media. They all want to come off as fiscally tough councilors trying to hold the line on tax increases.

The other three years, they OK’d municipal spending that reached  drunken sailor level.

Look, city council fears administration.  City council fears its employees.  City council will do anything to avoid pissing off either.

What you see here is all theatre.  Any cuts that councilors are thinking about making are for items that are extremely small.  Cutting them will change nothing.  NOTHING!

All city council is interested in is getting re-elected. Councilors know that pissing off administration and the unions is not going to get them re-elected. Sooooo they won’t piss them off.  The cost of  employee wages, benefits and support is the vast majority of municipal spending.

Unless you control spending on that part of the budget, you will never be enough money repair/replace our city’s decrepit infrastructure.  Not in any reasonable time frame anyway.  It could take 50 years.  Maybe more.

The quality of the work being done right now repairing/replacing infrastructure such as our streets  is so poor that maintenance is required after only a few years of use.

Its all very sad.’

Update: Councillors voted to keep that money in the budget but the issue of staffing, which the city will see 20 new full-time equivalent positions this year, caught the attention of Coun. Mark Bentz. He said he was pleased to see that eight of those positions are fully funded from elsewhere but the issue needs to be addressed when budget meetings continue next week. – Tbnewswatch February 5, 2014

Twenty more employees….eight funded from elsewhere, probably the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund, so lets say taxes we pay to the Ontario Government.

Is that why the NOHF was created?  Subsidizing municipalities staff payroll?

The NOHF has  turned into a giant provincial slush fund.

Why not give the work to the private sector?  Contract it out?  Stupid idea right?  Might be cheaper.  What could I have been thinking?

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