Thunder Bay- Lets Be Clear Here…Right Now, the Total Cost Is Around $120 million

Remember when you read this that the TOTAL COST of the facility is right now $120 million. There may be cost reductions and funding from other levels of government. Other government funding for the project is not certain  nor is the amount that may be provided should the the provincial and federal government decide to throw some money Thunder Bay’s way. Its all taxpayer provided cash anyway.

Right now, the only number that we know FOR SURE is $120 million and that is the number we will be writing on the cheque to pay for this hockey rink.

Here are some highlights of the Tbnewwatch article…you can read the article below

One subject that was repeatedly mentioned by councillors was how it would be ensured there would be no overruns of the guaranteed maximum price.

City facilities manager Michael Smith said it locks in the design and concepts, though conceded unforeseen economic factors could affect the figure.

An attached parking garage, which had been a component of the project during earlier phases, was excluded and seems to be casualty of trying to lower the final dollar number.

There will be about 2,440 total public surface parking spaces, a net increase of between 435 and 450, within 800 metres of the building, according to the report.

Joel DePeuter, manager of city realty services, said the city has both purchased land outright as well as entered into agreements contingent upon event centre construction for parking purposes.

The report also suggests providing free public transit to event ticket holders.

I address the parking issue in a previous post here. Remember that in 2012, the Phase 2 consultant wanted to add 500 spaces. After Commisso “looked into” that point, that parking requirement disappeared and was not in the Phase 2 final report. Now we have to build 650 parking  or so spaces to provide a net gain of 450 parking spaces. Around 200 parking spaces will disappear due to construction. So remember, its 650 spaces…not 450 spaces.

Coun. Mark Bentz asked if the consultants believe there are enough spaces to meet the needs of the entire north downtown core entertainment district, rather than just the event centre itself. He was told there would be a “healthy supply.”

Define healthy supply.  The correct answer would have been yes, there is more than enough . This vague response sound deceptive.  Something not quite right here.

Gary Green, the leader of the consortium, said only selected, marquee Thunderwolves home games would be played in the new facility.

The report outlines that the university team is expected to use the arena for 12 bookings per year, which it says includes games and other facility rentals. 

The apparent change in plans for the Thunderwolves, who have been mentioned by at least Mayor Keith Hobbs and Commisso as a viable anchor tenant if the AHL plans fall through, confused some members of council.

Thunderwolves  ONLY selected home  games? Twelve bookings per year?  It sounds like LU is no big supporter of this facility.  I suspect the costs are the reason.  I suspect it will be expensive to rent this facility when Global Spectrum gets involved.

Coun. Ken Boshcoff was the only one to inquire about how to guarantee a long-term relationship with the AHL franchise.

Green did not provide a definitive answer but responded that the geographical proximity has particular appeal to True North Sports and Entertainment, the parent company of the Jets, and the organization believes in maintaining continuity with their farm team location.

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