Thunder Bay – Lockdowns Not Producing Results

Thunder Bay district passes milestone with new cases

The Thunder Bay District has now recorded more COVID-19 cases so far in 2021 than in all of 2020, passing the milestone after 13 new cases were reported Sunday.

The Thunder Bay District Health Unit has now confirmed 590 cases in just over six weeks in 2021, compared to 585 throughout last year.

Over one third of this year’s cases are associated with outbreaks at the Thunder Bay District Jail and Thunder Bay Correctional Centre.

The health unit announced 13 confirmed cases of COVID-19 Sunday, all in Thunder Bay and the surrounding areas.

Ten of the new cases were a result of close contact with a previously identified case, one had no known exposure, and an exposure category for two others was pending.

There were four people in hospital with the virus Sunday, an increase of two. One of those was in the Intensive Care Unit.

The number of active cases rose to 152, its highest level since Jan. 9.

That represented an increase of nine from Saturday, thanks to four newly resolved cases.

The district had reported a total of 1,175 cases as of Sunday, with 996 resolved, 152 active, and 27 deaths attributed to the virus.

As of Friday, none of the three COVID-19 variants of concern tracked by Ontario government had been detected in the district.

The only northern health unit to report cases of the variants so far is Public Health Sudbury & Districts, where three cases of the B.1.1.7 variant have been detected.

Ontario reported 981 cases of COVID-19 Sunday, marking the ninth straight day under 1,500 cases. – tbnewswatch

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Ahhhhh…the lockdowns are doing their thing.

Lockdowns don’t work. There is no scientific evidence that locking down a city makes any difference in the spread of a virus.

Of course, our elected officials and their health ‘expert’ overlords will never admit they have been wrong all along. They will never admit that they destroyed the country’s economy for no reason at all.  They will blame us, the public, for not trying hard enough. Its always OUR fault. Never THEIR fault.

Maybe the health  ‘experts’ should tell everyone to stand on one leg. If everyone will stand on leg, the virus will go away.  If the virus does not go away, the ‘experts’ will claim that not enough people were standing on one leg. It is OUR fault that virus spread is not slowing down.  The fact that standing on one leg will never affect the virus spread and is a stupid idea never enters the conversation….because they are the ‘experts’.

I am always told to “trust the science”.  So where is the science?

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  1. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    jails are the cause of high numbers, remove their stats and lockdowns are working, all over the country numbers dropping so how can you say they aren’t working? Don’t use a tiny full jail town for your stats..might as well use Ignace deaths no cases, that means lockdown there works 100%. Ontario numbers way down…see lockdowns do work.

  2. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    Tam takes aim at COVID-19 ‘infodemic,’ urges vigilance over misleading online content..

  3. bill westly
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  4. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    mmmm….my post from few days ago not here, do I smell CENSORSHIP?

  5. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    Toronto infectious disease specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch says the drop in cases can be attributed to many things, but especially Canadians’ good behaviour – including abiding by lockdown rules.

    “No one likes lockdowns, they’re terrible and devastating, but they work,” Bogoch said on CTV’s Your Morning Thursday. “If you have a lot of cases in an area with a lot of people and you lock it down you are going to see cases go down and we see this time and time again.” ….proof….. ….now censor me Twitter…FB…Google…OB…

  6. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    Wow…..he is a doctor ..putting his career on the line….really..that’s your opinion? Wow… Numbers go up because people are me me selfish…go down because of fines and strict lockdowns. WOW….Okay walk around town with no mask for a month and see what happens to you…good experiment…and not just on lakeshore try going into eateries…stores etc…see if people care.

  7. bill westly
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  8. bill westly
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    Tbay numbers up because of jails and shelter houses. So if businesses were opened a bit the number covid cases wouldn’t rise…according to you.? Please, all the “not in’s” you mentioned above would be breeding grounds for sure. Toronto numbers have dropped…did you miss that?

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