Thunder Bay – Maybe The Baggage Building And The Water Garden Pavilion Need To Be Closed Due To Unsafe Parking Practices

This is an all to common site down at Thunder Bay’s premier tourist destination. Vehicles parked on sidewalks and in marked pedestrian crosswalks. All of these are no parking areas I might add…in case you are not aware of that.
In fact, there is no parking on any part of the street that runs between the Camelot Street Parking lot and the Pearl Street parking lot. None.

Maybe, the Thunder Bay Police Department needs to go down there and have a talk with the proprietors of the Baggage Building and the Water Garden Pavilion.

I suggest that all operations in those be shutdown until the message has been received that ALL vehicle parking is done IN designated parking lots.

Close the Baggage Building and close the Water Garden Pavilion and restaurant until ALL cars and trucks abide by the parking regulations.

Maybe a little enforcement might be in order. Bet you anything, and I mean anything that if a TBPD car passed any of these vehicles illegally parked, it would do nothing.  Why am I so confident?  Because I have seen it happen time and time again.

Sunday, March 20 2016
Saturday, March 19 2016
Friday, March 18 2016

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Someday, a person will be struck by a vehicle because of an illegally parked vehicle.  Maybe then someone will give a shit.

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  1. resident
    resident at | | Reply

    You’re an idiot. why would they close down buildingd because one person parked illegally near that building. Perhaps I should park on your lawn so they will kick you out of and board up your house…


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