Thunder Bay – Monday

Now there are three carts.

Is this one of those free tampons?

More Tree Swallow photos.  The birds will eventually leave. Once its babies are able to fly around, they will be gone from the pond area. Sooo, I am going to photograph them regularly until then.

Mallards still highly visible.

Work is about to begin on the street extension at the south end of Marina Park.

Used to be a P&H grain elevator at intercity.  The building is still there, but not operational.

Clouds over there look just like they did yesterday.

Common Grackle. An interesting bird.

The Amazing Race is in town. Looks like this leg will end down in Marina Park. The Spirit Garden (Wilson Street Headland) Trail to be exact.

I’m guessing this is where the finish line will be.

When they televise this segment, keep an eye out for this light. See if someone put the top on…just for looks.  I think the racers will be running right past this.

MV Resko


Marina fuel dock almost ready. Marina opens on Wednesday.

Fishing for crayfish

Got one.

Not sure who these people are. Another video being shot down there?

Floating trash

Some of the Pier 2 dock is missing.  It was there yesterday.

A gate to???

Might be too late for some of these trees.  Why this wire fencing was not put around ALL trees last year is another question that has no answer.  Incompetence?

This tree could have been saved.

Red-breasted Merganser

I wonder what is inside that?  A caterpillar?  A moth?  A spider?

Looks like someone might live another day.

Trash in context.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the paramedic call in the park?

Plywood usually means a broken window.

Beyond repair?  Could city work crews not clean this stuff up?  What is the point of leaving this around with no tree?

Survived the winter.


Trash in context. Has to be the shortest staircase in the city.

Tulip. Its either red or yellow.

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  1. Oscar T.G.
    Oscar T.G. at | | Reply

    Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. For your trash in context photos.
    It really helps to be able to see ‘where’ the trash is’ and not just ‘what’ the trash is.
    The passive agressive ‘trash in context’ is even acceptable, ha! NoOne should f’k with yourartistic expressions, but it really is a great improvement to your fine & excellent site.

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