Thunder Bay – Monday

Sunny day but windy

One shopping cart becomes two.

Beaver has been busy shoring up its dam system.

During construction?  What construction?  I guess contractors only work when the weather is crappy?

Why is the contractor not finishing the work?  What is the problem?

MV Industrial Skipper and the MV Ojibway

Yellow Warbler

One of the Thunder Bay Fire and Rescue toys.

Mallards have had babies already

MV Federal Mackinac

Trash in context

An ant inside the cup


Speed bumps useless as vehicles can go around them.  There needs to be two at each location.  One in each lane.  As it is now, the only people who drive over the speed bumps are the drivers that obey speed limit signs.

Orange juice. No vodka bottle around.

Gull egg.  I wonder if it was taken by a crow?

Trash in context

This must be on the City of Thunder Bay’s honey-do list.  No hurry to repair it.  Good look for tourism

Marshalls going in there?

Trash in context

Trash in context

Shopping cart becomes trash can

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