Thunder Bay – Monday

The boulevard next to my house going on three years since the sod was placed.

Value for money?  No. The sod was placed and then left. No water. Nothing.

Trash in context. An empty liquor bottle on a Thunder Bay sidewalk. What are the odds?

Trash in context.

Your tax dollars at work.  Some of the asphalt that was placed on Court Street only last year is being removed and replaced.  Why?  My understanding is that the paving operation went ahead even if the surface temperature was too low. When placing a second layer of asphalt on top of another, the surface temperature of the existing layer must be 7C and rising.  Hard to get when you are paving into late October.

The City of Thunder Bay does this ALL the time.   Looks like this time, its going to cost us taxpayers. Value for money?  No.

What makes matters worse is that there are now going to be long asphalt patches on Court Street.  Not only does this look ugly but it also creates joints between the old and new asphalt.  These joints are weak spots where water will try to work its way in.

Its going to look like hell.  Probably shortens the length of maintenance-free time on this street.  Should be 15 years?   I guess we will see.  Who do we hold responsible for this?  Unelected bureaucrats? How?

Looks like it needs some work.

Trash in context

Also needs some work.


More frogs

MV Eider and tug MV Point Valour

MV Kivalina

MV Jamno

Bee photos.  No flying bees though.

Why fly when you can just step over

Lamp pole was not installed on this base.   Is it because its surrounded by shrubs?

Trash in context

Trash in context. A bobbing lighter.

Trash in context. Concrete bases for light posts that are next to installed. Some on Pier 3.

Looks like trouble.

Checking up on the mushroom photographed earlier.

Trash in context.

Trash in context

Trash in context.

Trash in context

Trash in context

New Indian restaurant opening today on Red River Road.

Trash in context

Trash in context


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  1. focal point
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    Those frogs are lucky the Heron hasn’t found them………..yet

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