Thunder Bay – Monday

Pet hydration station so far. 7-up can has moved to the right.  Its still there.

Why build bicycle lanes if people are allowed to ride on the sidewalks?

I wonder what band is in there?

MV Manitoulin


Work continues on the Leased Lot #3 site, although the pace is rather slow.  Looks like excavation for a foundation is going to start up soon.

Trash in context.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Awareness Day down at Marina Park.  Representations appears to be heavily weighted toward the Indigenous population of the city.

Pedestrian overpass. Looks like a sweatshirt

Someone left their drink here. Maybe they are coming back for it?

This trash is slowly migrating toward the exit.

I am sure visitors to the city appreciate the advice.

Remember Kids Bids?  Sponsored by Old Dutch potato chips.  No chip bags laying around town back then.  They were worth points.

Parks are for littering in Thunder Bay.

Trash in context. There was no water in the Waverley Park fountain this year. Probably leaks like a sieve.

I must see a half a dozen Safeway carts every day just on my extremely limited circuit.

Bike parts have moved from Safeway shopping cart onto pavilion in Waverley Park.

Its a shame to see all that fruit around the city go to waste. People have fruit trees, mostly apple, and they do not pick the fruit. They just let it fall on the ground and rot.

No shortage of empty beer cans in the city. There is a deposit on them.

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