Thunder Bay – Monday

How are things going down on Water Street? You know, in the Chronicle Journal neighbourhood?
Hmmm…still trashy

Even across the street..on railway property

Still on the Water Street

Railway property..lots of paper trash visible from the Pearl Street crossing.  If I could legally walk down there, I am sure I would see much more.

Lots of paper trash blown up against the fence.  Sad.
Waterfront shots

Might be time to empty this…
Its full.

Hopefully these things will get cleaned sometime next spring.

Trees get scarves in Prince Arthur’s Landing
All quiet at the hotel front.


Sigh..pedestrian overpass…its filthy…its ALWAYS filthy how do you think ice gets INSIDE the pedestrian overpass?  The roof leaks. Simple.
Barrier still up.
Cone is broken. Missing a chunk of its side.  Yet, its still being used.
Why is this taking sooo long?
Another one of those blank tourist information pedestals.
Another is located at the intersection of Red River Road and Court Street (taken Sunday)

I posted about this thing more than three years ago.  Still not fixed.  Sigh…
The pedestals are supposed to look like this one located at Magnus Theatre.
Free parking in the north core.

The sump pump sidewalk glacier

Looks like someone is trying to remove it.  Hopefully, the sump pump effluent has been redirected.
The Nativity scene in the north core. No baby Jesus.  I suspect the fact that Jesus was stolen on a regular basis might have something to do with His absence.
Anyway, it looks like everyone is adoring the cow.

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