Thunder Bay – Monday

This bundle of flyers did not get delivered.

I wonder if the CJ paid this delivery person?  I have seen bundles of flyers dumped in laneways and ditches.

Hope springs eternal for this fisher’person’.

Pool 6 area becoming garbage dump.


Plastic flowers.

MV Federal Beaufort

MV Isolda moving into anchoring position

Concrete being poured on Leased Lot #3

Development Agreement – Schedule A

You can start to see the shape of the fountain deck addition that is being constructed.

Vampire teeth

Looks like a dead pike.

Less and less effort is going into some of the painted rocks I am finding.

Cigarettes and plastic straw.

I am not walking through the pedestrian overpass with even one loiterer present.  I believe it not worth the risk.

Sooo now that Leased lot #3 and Option Lands #4 have been abandoned by the private developer, that leaves only the train station. What are their plans for that building?  Its 10 years since the developer had the City of Thunder Bay evict all of the commercial tenants.

This section used to be the ‘Last Stop’ ice cream shop.

This used to be ‘Authenique’ which eventually left. This spot plus the former ‘Last Stop’ ice cream shop  then became the Good News on the Lake cafe.

Upstairs, there was the children’s museum and the model railway club

This used to be the Waterfront Restaurant.

Top floor was the Thunder Bay Yacht Club.

Now the place is empty. Has been for waaaay too long.

A close knit fungus family.

Yes, those are pants….in the gutter.

This tomato will not be vine ripened.

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