Thunder Bay – Monday


Only one.  Not sure what happened to the other.

Clean up the trash and then leave the bags laying around.

MV Jamno

I wonder when this will be open to the public? Looks finished.

Snow Geese Blue Morph are still hanging around.

Today they have some company.  A Canada Goose and another Snow Goose Blue Morph.

The new arrival

The other new arrival

MV CSL Welland heading into the bay.

The new flock.


Bloody sock?

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  1. look out
    look out at | | Reply

    The Thunder Bay Main Lighthouse needs to be repainted. This lighthouse plays a historical part of our world class tourist attraction, the unbeatable views of the Sleeping Giant from Prince Arthur’s Landing and the entire waterfront area. Shameful that city hall has no pride in the view it can control. Perhaps painting the lighthouse or breakwall in rainbow colours will let all tourists see at a glance what a inclusive city we are.

    1. Trixie Mattel
      Trixie Mattel at | | Reply

      Oh darlin, Youu’z a sweet bit of sumptin’ ain’t yaz?
      We’s gots to paint evree sumptin’ rainbows!
      I love all dem colors, not one, but evree 1!
      My whole world is rainbows & unikornz!
      I get dem tingles just thinkin’ bout dat.

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