Thunder Bay – Monday

Yup…I’m in Thunder Bay.

Looking for colour on a grey overcast day.

A lost hat, probably full of cooties.

Pigeons chowing down on spillage from rail cars.

Then just like that, they all flew off.

Not sure what it is.

Tundra Swan.  If it did not have the yellow dot by the eyes, it would be a Trumpeter Swan.

I think these condoms are still good if anyone is interested.  Do people still buy condoms? Looks like they are handed out for free by the thousands.

MV Federal Baltic

MV Federal Margaree

Mandatory lighthouse photo.

MV Tim S.Dool

The coloured rock I found yesterday.   Easy spot for someone to see it.

Poor design produces continuing maintenance issues.

No matter how often these spots get repaired, they will always end up looking like crap. The City of Thunder Bay’s premier tourist destination indeed.

Looks like a tea drinker parks here.

Three bags in a small area.

The vacuum truck down at the Leased Lot #3 construction site.  The site that I thought was complete.

Looks like bags of concrete?

Bags’ contents dumped into a mixer.

Looks like the vacuum truck is sucking up all of the dust produced by the grinding operation.  I will have to check it out tomorrow to see what they actually did.

Post card photo

Young people drinking Kelly’s finest rotgut wine around the corner of the building.  Nothing new there. I see that kind of thing three of four times a week.

Passed by the Waverley Park cenotaph. Noticed something new.

Someone or someones left these painted rocks.

You rarely find the poppy centres.

Still not finished.

I can remember when bicycles had some value.  Cost a lot of money.  Getting a new bicycle was a big deal for a kid.

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