Thunder Bay – Monday

One of the benefits of this time of year is the late sunrise.  I don’t have to get up at some ungodly hour to take a photo with some morning colour in it.

The half-eaten banana is still there.

I am amazed at this window frost.  The sun yesterday defrosted the window but as you can see, the patterns have returned this morning.  Amazing because its a natural formed pattern.

Hard root beer?

The MV Federal Mosel moving into port.

Snow Bunting

MV Algoma Harvester

MV Fearless and MV Federal Mosel

MV Maccoa

Why I don’t use the pedestrian overpass any longer.  A young person taking a long pull on a terapack of Kelly’s finest rotgut wine.  Just enough to take the edge off of what I assume to be a hectic day. You know, relax..calm the nerves.

Another photo showing a young person holding a tetrapack of Kelly’s finest rotgut wine.  Empty?  Full?  Who knows.

One thing is chilling the wine is no problem in this weather.

MV CSL Laurentien

I know. I have photographed this area a few times before but that pattern of ice looks sooo cool.

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