Thunder Bay – Monday

Last post of 2019. Taking a break over Christmas to spend time with the family.

If crows won’t eat it, why do we?

MV Fearless.  It better leave soon or it will be spending the winter here.  The USCGC Neah Bay can be seen docked in front.

Tracks left after Saturday’s big ice rescue.

MV Algoma Discovery

Keeping the shipping lanes open

Enjoying the unseasonably warm weather.

Has a rough day.  Possibly fell and smacked his head on the ice?  No respect for adults who refuse to wear helmets, especially those with kids.  Lead by example.

Top up your windshield washer fluid and then leave the empty jug in the parking lot. Its the Thunder Bay way.

Why I no longer use the pedestrian overpass.

The mysterious red bag…Placed back on the hydrant.  I guess the hydrant is out of order, just like hundreds of other infrastructure items in this city.

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