Thunder Bay – Monday

Tough walking. Cars win. Pedestrians lose.

How hard would it be for the parking lot plow jockey to grab a shovel and clear the snow the plowing operation left on the sidewalk?

Cars win. Pedestrians lose.

Cars win. Pedestrians lose.

Rock drilling taking place across the street from St Joseph’s Hospital

Cars win. Pedestrians lose.

Grader pushes snow from the street onto the sidewalk.

There is not enough space between the street and sidewalk to contain the snow.  Cars win. Pedestrians lose.

People who park their vehicles on the street are lucky.  They never have to shovel snow.  If they parked in a driveway, then they would have to shovel show…lots of snow.  By parking on the street, no shoveling is ever required.  Why are there streets that do not have calendar parking?

Cars win. Pedestrians lose.

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  1. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    oh they can’t get out of their warm cabs…might get snow on their shoes too. Maybe some tickets could be issued…make a few extra $$ for the city. Can’t plow across roadways in Ontario, must be something about blocking up sidewalks?

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