Thunder Bay – Monday

I wonder just how long its going to take for the pole to be erected?  Its been a month or two since this base was repaired. If the pole is not replaced before winter, then this base will get destroyed by the sidewalk plow.  This will restart the cycle again of damage, repair, wait, damage, repair, wait, etc.

Still not sure what is going on here. Why are these cones still here?  Is the work not finished?

Interesting sky today.  No clouds.  Nice colour.

Sooo, I took a few photos.

MV Federal Seto with MV Cuyahoga in background

MV Bluebill

MV Federal Seto

Geese getting ready to flock off south.

MV Cuyahoga

MV Thunder Bay

Almost ready for paving?

I expect and flower beds around the new parking lot will have this grass in it.  City of Thunder Bay seems to like it. Its maintenance free.  Looks like crap but its cheap….suits this city to a tee.

A discarded plastic water bottle in a city park? What a surprise!

Rocks on the table.

An optimistic plant.  Its not giving up on summer just yet.

Squirrels are just rats with big tails.

Someone flipped a picnic table upside down.

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