Thunder Bay – Monday

Still too much apple left on this core.

Hmmm…Is the alcohol in this? Can someone drink it?

If you were thinking of grabbing this hub cap for your own vehicle, its too late now.

Update on animal scat mentioned in previous post. I have been told its coyote scat.

Now there are three spending the winter at Keefer Terminal.  From left to right, MV Algoma Stronfield, MV Frontenac and Algoma Guardian

Left over from New Years Eve? Pier 2 Viewing Circle never looked better.

Not sure what the hell this is.

Someone celebrating the Orthodox Christmas? Early New Years? This Thursday is New Years Day for the Orthodox Christian community.

Clothes do grow on trees.

Free bread for those who hurry.

Could not finish this slice.

Waiting for the bus?  Grape flavoured alcoholic beverage. 12% alc/vol.

Trash in context.

I am sure that this will eventually degrade quickly.  That is why people do not have to place it in a trash can.

Mask photo. I wonder why this person has left the mask behind?


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