Thunder Bay – Monday

Pretty quiet day. Click on any image to enlarge.

Two artificial snowflakes have now fallen off of the tree

Pothole season is year round in the City of Thunder Bay.  Used to be spring time only.

I wonder if these guys are good to eat?  They are grain fed.

Back to banging on frozen ground.

MV Federal Katsura


MV Raba

MV Pacific Huron

Small group meeting today. I wonder what the meeting is about?

A spilled basket of berries?


Still jackhammering away.

Pretty boring work.  Noisy as well.

Everyone focused on the spot where baby Jesus would be if he was there.   Should put something there.   A stuffed animal of some sort?  Maybe a Cabbage Patch Doll?

More stump grinding taking place. Stump Grinder would be a great porn name except that the word grinder now has a gay vibe around it.  Not there is anything wrong with being gay.

Anyway, any of you want to be known as Stump Grinder, I do not believe the name is taken.

Playing around with HDR.

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