Thunder Bay – Monday

Thunder Bay now has lots of snow.   New Years Eve day.

Branches weighed down by snow.

Once again, on street parking makes clearing snow all but impossible.

Looks like this bullnose was hit by something.  Most likely hit by a snowplow/grader.  Had the City of Thunder Bay replaced the sign that warns motorists of this traffic island sometime in that past year or so, (mentioned in this January 2018 post) this would likely not have happened.  Now the damage needs to be repaired (extra cost) AND the sign still needs to be replaced.

What he drinking?  Can’t tell but what I can see is that the container is green.  Sooo…pedestrian overpass, group of loiterers, green beverage container…..hmmm…I wonder what it is?

I actually like that grey sky.  Contrasts with the snow nicely.

Branches weighed down with snow.

Lucky that construction sign is still up.  I am sure its doing a great job protecting workers that are not there.

A week without peanuts soo I gave them a large handful.  They seem pleased… At least I think they were pleased.  Are crows ever pleased?

Only in Thunder Bay can you find a parking lot that apparently (according to the sign is still up) has been closed since October, that has had a snowplow pay a quick visit allowing vehicles to access the property….

while the parking lot that is is supposed to be used by park visitors is still covered by 18 inches of snow.

Rec trails in Marina Park are clear of snow.  Unusual.  Workers are on top of things this year.

MV Algoma Strongfield

The end of another year and hotel still not finished.  Will 2019 be the year?

The pedestrian overpass urinal.  Now you can see where city residents that hang out at the overpass urinate.  Yes, these are supposedly civilized people.

People need to learn that leaving your trash behind is not acceptable behaviour.

Interesting.  Methadone?  Taxpayer funded no doubt.

Once again, sidewalk plows clear sidewalks then grader pushes snow from street back onto sidewalk. Pedestrians have to climb over snowbanks.

Not acceptable.

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