Thunder Bay – More Court Street Bridge Stuff

I walk passed the new Court Street bridge almost every day. A few things that I have noticed.

In a previous post, I discussed the quality of the rock protection work done by the contractor and accepted by the City of Thunder Bay and Lakehead Regional Conservation Authority.

As you can see, the upper edge of filtercllth is just laying on top of the ground.  Water can easily undermine this material thus defeating the reason of having the material there in the first place.  The top edge of the cloth should have been embedded in the ground and anchored in place.  As I said before, in my opinion, this is a pile of shit that the taxpayers paid for…again.

DSC07623 DSC07622 DSC07621 DSC07620




And then there is this plastic wrap that appears to have been left on some construction material.  Not sure why..|Matybe removing it was just too much work?


DSC07615 DSC07614

There is also looks like there are some sort of concrete? barriers that will be going up soon…

DSC06746 DSC06747 DSC06748 DSC06749


Where the things are supposed to go…

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