Thunder Bay – Park Where Ever You Want…Prince Arthur’s Landing

I see vehicles illegally parked in this area of the park almost every day. Pedestrian crosswalks everywhere.  Clearly marked.

People entering the park from the pedestrian overpass.  People crossing from the Baggage Building to the fountain or Water Garden Pavilion.  The skatepark is next tho the Baggage Building.  This is the busiest pedestrian crossing area in the park.

Still, vehicles are allowed to park anywhere.  On sidewalks,  on crosswalks, between crosswalks, right next to no parking signs….anywhere they want.

Vehicles can remain parked there for as long as they want because, apparently, there is nobody enforcing the parking regulations.  I’ve never seen it.  Not police. Not city staff.

Sooo, in Thunder Bay’s premier tourist destination, adjacent to the park’s highly touted attraction, the fountain, vehicles park wherever they want, for as long as they want and its OK.

IMGP5395 IMGP5399 IMGP5407 IMGP5410

As you can see, when traffic winds its way through the maze of illegally parked vehicles, things get a little tight.  Throw pedestrians and children into the mix and you have a recipe for tragedy.

Who in the city cares?   Which of the high salaried city managers actually gives a shit about public safety in Prince Arthur’s Landing?


Maybe someone should?  No?


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