Thunder Bay – Park Wherever You Want

I have posted a lot on the parking issues (type the words park wherever into the search window for more posts) down at Prince Arthur’s Landing. More specifically, the people that continually park in the areas that are marked “no parking”. Areas that are obvious places where parking your vehicle creates a hazard to pedestrians. The main high pedestrian traffic area is bounded by the fountain, the Water Garden Pavilion and Baggage Building and the Skate Park. Vehicles keep parking wherever they like.  No enforcement whatsoever of the parking regulations. None.
IMGP0041a IMGP0049a


Prince Arthur’s Landing is continually billed as award winning.  All these fancy building designs….but no place for vehicles to load and unload their cargo?  Vehicles loading and unloading whatever are forced to park on sidewalks, in pedestrian crosswalks, next to pedestrian crosswalks, no parking zones…they park everywhere but in parking lots.  I believe this is a definite design flaw especially when one of the buildings, the Water Garden Pavilion is being used a restaurant. There are daily deliveries of food and beverages.  Service vehicles have no convenient place place park.

Commercial signs are allowed to be located on public walkways. Who cares? People can simply walk or ride around them.  Public walkways should be clear of all obstacles and hazards….no?

IMGP0004_1 IMGP0005 IMGP0002_1

The fact that the City of Thunder Bay cares so little about the safety of the people who use Prince Arthur’s Landing is alarming but not unexpected. The City of Thunder Bay does not take public safety seriously. (type the word dust into the search window for some other examples)



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