Thunder Bay – Racism Acknowledged By Board

Racism acknowledged by board

At its first meeting with the newly appointed administrator, the Thunder Bay Police Services Board formally acknowledged systemic racism exists within the board and the city’s police service.

“By making this statement, we want to acknowledge that the board has failed the Indigenous community,” said Thomas Lockwood, who was named to the role of administrator by the Ontario Civilian Police Commission after the findings of Sen. Murray Sinclair’s investigation into how the police services board oversees the Thunder Bay Police Service was released last week – Chronicle Journal

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…Thunder Bay Police Services Board formally acknowledged systemic racism exists within the board and the city’s police service…

Should the word used not be existed with the board?  As far as I know, there are only two people carried over from last years board: the TBPSB chairperson Celina Reitberger, who identifies as indigenous and City Clerk John Hannam.  The fact that racism EXISTS on a TBPSB that has not yet done anything must be news to every board member.  Guilt by association?

Are their a racists in this city?  Sure. Are there racists in the TBPS?  Sure. There are racists in every police service in the country…probably the world.  Does that mean the City of Thunder Bay is racist?  Does that mean the entire TBPS is racist?  Of course not. The fact that our city and police force is just like every other city and police force is not news.

Should the members of previous TBPSBs not be the ones that admit that systematic racism existed on their watch?  How about former Chairperson Jackie Dojack?  She was in charge of the TBPSB for how many years?  Not a peep out of here.  Does she not need to acknowledge anything?  Does she not need to issue an apology?

Who are these racists?  Name them. If they are racists, then lets get them out of there. Police officers? Which ones?  Lets get them out of there.  Present your evidence and lets clean house.  Lets see the evidence,  and name names. Its easy to make a blanket accusation but very hard to prove that accusation.  Lets see the evidence.

Does the City of Thunder Bay have a racist City Clerk?  According to the formal TBPSB  acknowledgement, the answer to that question could be “yes”.  What does that mean for the City of Thunder Bay?  City Council?

And the big question  I have is who the hell is Thomas Lockwood?  What qualifications does he have to be the TBPSB dictator?  All I have heard in the media is that he is a lawyer.  That fact alone should worry people.   And he is a male!  A white male!  A white male lawyer teaching us how to not be racist?

It might be nice for the local media to tell us who exactly this person is?

This acknowledgement by the TBPSB sounds a lot like one of the 12 steps of the Alcoholics Anonymous program.  So does the apology thing.  Is that what we have here?  A Racists Anonymous meeting?

As far as I can see, this acknowledged of racism means nothing because this TBPSB has not done anything.  The apology will mean nothing because everyone apologizes to the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. So what? What has all those apologies accomplished?

How do you stop someone from being racist?   I suspect that anyone continually dealing with a segment of the population that sees you as the enemy, dealing with them in really bad situations will sooner or later learn to dislike having to deal with that segment of that population. Its bound to happen.  Police are humans.  They are not machines.

Hopefully the other side of this story, the local Indigenous population, will also be instructed on what is acceptable behaviour while interacting with the police.   Not hearing anything about that.

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  1. Dave
    Dave at | | Reply

    All those baseless apologies result in “Compensation” $$$ which breeds more fictional grievances which lead to more $$$… get the idea.

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